Unwanted animals.

If you are no longer able to keep your pet, please call the rehoming centre on 212 30468 during opening hours and staff will add the animal to the waiting list for you, if you are no longer able to keep your animal. Once the animal is on the list we will make 4 attempts maximum to contact you after which the animal will be removed from the waiting list. Please ensure that the phone number you give us to call you on is working, or maybe give us more than one number.

Please do not arrive with an animal without us having agreed to take it in.


Because we have a legal and moral obligation to care for animals at the MSPCA correctly, we only take in animals by prior arrangement and only when we have kennel or cat space and capacity to care for them correctly and without the risk of diseases spreading. Usually this means we can only take the next animal in when the previous one leaves.  This does mean we are not "packed to capacity" as everyone expects us to be at times, but it also means that our animals are homed more quickly and we don't suffer regular disease outbreaks. A bit like the hare and the tortoise, we find that less is more!

Since we changed our intake process the number of animals we rehome has increased by 90% compared to previously and our cat rehoming by over 100% in 12 months since the changes. Each "cat space" at the MSPCA is used to help 6 or 7 cats a year rather than just one. 

In order to maximise the use of our space, we will give priority to animals who have up-to-date vaccinations or who have just commenced a vaccine course in the 5-21 days and with cards that show this. If you have not vaccinated your animal, we recommend re-starting the vaccine course with your vet. This enables us to make use of space in the rehoming centre without needing multiple quarantine sections, and will also protect your animals from any airbone illnesses which may be around that haven't shown up with symptoms yet.

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