Spoilt Pet Test

January 28, 2019

Top of the week to you all. The weather is positively encouraging today so get off that chair and do something about it before the storm takes it away. After you read this that.is.


I know people sharing the sort of spoilt pet test on Facebook don't really mean any harm but I still take issue with what these posts imply. If you don't know what I am talking baout, these posts normally give you brownie points for letting your dog sleep with you in bed, or buying him Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, and letting him use the sofa  and cancelling plans. Cute! Just cute! But does this really indicate an owner that spoils their pet with everything they need and then some?



Well absolutely not! It assumes you are providing the basic needs already. Ask any shelter and any veterinary clinic how often people say "I love my dog ta! He sleeps in bed with me like a king!" not a minute after telling you they haven't vaccinated them or dewormed them or deflead them for so long they can't even remember if it was a year ago. two years ago or more. So in protest to the mainstream and self-serving spoilt pet test going around on social media at the moment, here is my own little self assessment test. Give yourself a brownie point for every one you fulfill.


1) Vaccinated in the last 12 months during their yearly veterinary check
2) De-flead regularly (according to product lifespan)

3) De-wormed regularly (based on veterinary advice)

4) Preferred a nutritionally balanced and complete food over cheap brands and/or fads, and did not overfeed

4) Taken out pet insurance to help cover emergency vet bills

5) Taken out for walks and/or exercised daily

6) Played with and cuddled daily

7) Make sure pet has all it needs before going to work or out and not expected the impossible from them
8) Made sure pet has access to perform natural behavior daily through toys, chews, scratchers, etc


So, you see your pet doesn't need Christmas or Birthday gifts. They needs gifts daily, Christmas and birthdays are just another day. As long as they have somewhere comfortable, warm and dry  to sleep it really doesn't matter whether it is in bed with you, though I could make a convincing argument that your snoring, farts and tossing and turning don't go down so well with some of your pets. And all the spoiledness in the world could not hold up when you get into that emergency situation and claim you cannot cover the bills. Get pet insurance! And no this post is not sponsored. Just google it and watch the Maltese insurer's names jump out of the screen at you.


Failed the test today? No worries. Everyone has to resit the test every day anyways and there is no studying involved. Failing the test now is no excuse for committing to continue failing.

Have a great week!

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