The cost of success

January 25, 2019

We have been so busy working hard to help more animals that weeks passed and we're suddenly at the tail end of January without having touched base with our following. My sincere apologies.


At the end of the music video of Celine Dion's theme song from Deadpool he tells her that her performance is an 11 and she needs to bring it down to a 5, to which she replies "This thing only goes to 11, so beat it Spiderman." Damn right it only goes to 11.


2019 promises to be an exciting year and we are vibrating with the positivity it has already shown so far. For starters we are preparing to officially kick off a relaunch of our dog neutering campaign in Gozo, where stray dog and puppies still overwhelm the only two rescue operations, i.e. Gozo SPCA and the animal welfare department under the Minsitry for Gozo. So just to give you a sneak peak into the near future, the three of us are joining forces so our sister island may see the same reduction is stray dogs that Malta has seen. Back to the present.


Our rehoming team started having some really awesome success with rehoming animals some time before the holidays. They managed to rehome some of our oldest residents which had been overlooked way too long. We thought it might be a fluke. But here we are in the 4th week this year having rehomed 12 animals in that much time, and another 14 animals booked and scheduled to go to their new homes in the next 10 days. That averages to 5 animals per week (give or take 1)


Of course the first reaction is to rejoice and rightly so becasue that is exactly what we want; more animals placed safely in forever homes rather than beig abandoned. Then I went home and had some time to sit with the figures and before I tell you what my fatalist brain was telling me I need to explain something I believe to be absent from most people's awareness. REHOMING IS THE MOST COSTLY ACTIVITY IN RESCUE! Here's why.


While the dog or cat that stays with you for a long time needs daily feeding and cleaning which we shall call living costs, those costs per day are fairly minimal when compared with the costs of getting an animal ready for adoption. Getting an animal ready for adoption costs the MSPCA roughly 112 EUROS just in veterinary necessities (neutering, microchipping, vaccinating and deworming) and that's if they don't also happen to need more meds and doesn't include the vet's hourly fee when they visit. Multiply that by 5 animals per week then the MSPCA will need 560 EUROS a week just to get animals ready for adoption. At this rate we are looking at a yearly bill for rehoming of a whopping 29,120 EUROS plus living costs when donations are at an all time low. We thought there might be a ray of hope in the "free veterinary services" grant because we were lead to believe that we would be given 40 EUROS per animal registered to the charity, but as it turns out what they did is they granted 40 EUROS for every animal have the capacity for, and our capacity is low so we got the short end of the stick there.

We use some awesome science-based strategies that have allowed us to improve our rehoming this much. We love it when we can take something out of a research paper or a textbook, apply it to our operations and see such results but another science tells me we cannot foot this bill sustainably if donations do not increase. The only other way we can think of that would make the bill fit the budget is reducing our rehoming turnover. If you didn't understand that means we would have to tell our animals, "Sorry! You have to live in a kennel for a little longer because we need to cut costs." And we'd also have to tell the animals on our waiting list "Actually, you are going to have to wait a while longer to get adopted to because we can't afford to be this effective."

Celive is so right. Deadpool is the one that needs to rise to her level. We don't want to go down to a 5 from 11 either. We need your donations to catch up with us. So come on animal lovers. Help us out here. Let us help the most animal we possibly can. We cannot do it without your help.


Here is how you can support the MSPCA.


Enjoy the video 





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