Changing the world, one sticky animal at a time

December 17, 2018

Here at the MSPCA we adopted a different philosophy some years ago. I say a different philosophy, but what I really mean is different from what we are used to seeing in Malta. In reality it is not different from  international trends that have evolved from new and improved knowledge on animal welfare. We prioritise of every animal in our care and have taken measures in our procedures to improve their quality if life while in our care. Why? Quite simply, we do not have any guarantees that the animal we take in will be rehomed fast enough to ensure the stress they undergo due to kennelling is going to be short-lived.


So improve their quality of life we have reduced the shelter population to a number which we are able to manage appropriately with the resources available and guarantee a better standard of living to the animals we house, which in turn means we can focus more effort on rehoming making their stay as short as possible.


Unfortunately they haven't invented a crystal ball that actually tells the future, so some animals do end up staying with us longer than we would like them to. Long term kenneling poses many welfare issues to animals because of the unique stresses that are an intrinsic part of kenneling so while we continue looking after these animals for as long as necessary desperately wish they get adopted sooner. We call them sticky animals because they stick around for one reason or another.


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