Get your dog neutered for Christmas

November 28, 2018


Pets have become part of the family for most people who have them. Since its social convention to give family a present for Christmas, it's understandable that some owners will want to do something special for their pets too. There's a few reasons why we think neutering your pet is the best gift you can possibly give them.


The other options are superficial, or artificial at best. As nice as it is to get them a dog chew, or a nice new bed, or a box of goodies and treats, or a new collar and leash, you actually need to get those as a matter of fact. Whether it is Christmas or any other ordinary day , if your dog's stuff needs replacing you have to do it. If they still have life in them left then it is only fair to say that other options should be considered.On the other hand you can do something that will help them have an easier and healthier life such as neutering them and microchipping them.


Neutering has been found to help pets live longer. It effectively eliminates the possibility of your dog developing dangerous infections and cancers that can affect their uterus, ovaries, or testicles. In females, neutering can reduce the possibility of mammary tumors. Additionally, the reduced sex drive resulting from neutering can reduce the chances of your dog straying to find a mate and the risk involved due to traffic.


We know that most responsible owners won't allow their dog to mate and have unplanned litters of puppies that have to get adopted somehow and that's great for the dogs of Malta in general, but isn't it a little too much to expect the dogs to accept they can never fulfill their natural urges? We are not suggesting you should mate your dog. Far from it. Given that there are still more dogs up for adoption every day, that should be the last thing you would consider. Neutering however will eliminate the drive in most pets, and even if they still seek that sort of encounter it won't result in an unplanned litter of puppies. This means your pet doesn't have to suffer unnecessary frustration if you just neuter and you won't have to deal with the tantrums of a frustrated dog.


Pregnancies are not a matter to be taken lightly. Even the best planned ones sometimes result in complications, so to make sure your female dog's health is monitored you might have to spend a small fortune in vet fees to monitor her through gestation, after whelping and then getting all the puppies vaccinated, chipped and dewormed. Then you still have to go though the headache of homing those puppies and expect a few to be returned, having to start over again. Trying to find a home for an older puppy that might have picked up a few bad habits by now is harder than you think.


Why not just neuter instead?




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