When you put the cart before the horse

November 5, 2018

Having a plan is the key to getting where you want to be. You set your goal and your deadline, you write down what needs to happen until then and in which order and there you have it a well drawn out plan that dictates your strategy. You then find your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to capitalize or combat them accordingly.


The alternative results in mayhem. Just like putting the cart before the horse, it just doesn't work. So when the government passed the ban on dog tethering, without first having enforced the compulsory micro-chipping law, mayhem was the only result possible. In two years, while the ban was shelved, is it possible that no one at Hon. Clint Camilleri's office realized that law enforcement is paramount for such a good law to actually have a positive impact?


We are not suggesting the law needs to be repealed. The tethered dogs have suffered enough but it means now the Animal Welfare Department needs to pull its socks up and the NGOs work has in the month since the ban doubled if not tripled.


So where do we want to be? We want to be back to not having dogs roaming the streets killing other animals.

When? As soon as possible.

What needs to happen first? The micro-chipping law needs to be enforced and the dogs roaming need to be captured.

Who is going to take reponsability for them? By my understanding everyone is pitching in.

What are our strengths? We have an ongoing dog neutering scheme to prevent the problem getting worse.

What are out weeknesses? Lax law enforcement.


Can you see the plan now? 

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