Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot!

October 18, 2018

If you haven't heard already, it is finally illegal to tie a dog to a stationery object as a primary means of restraint. We have been waiting for it for two long years. I remember when a private member's bill had proposed it in November 2016 and then the government had come up with his own proposal too, there was a short discussion and then... cue the crickets.


Maybe they were all so busy accusing one another and defending themselves they forgot they all still have a country to run, or maybe the objectors delayed it. We will never know. But now L.N. 318 of 2018 is finally here and in a blink after this law was passed, the first reports started emerging of dogs being allowed to roam and killing other animals, Then the usual knee-jerk reactions started manifesting themselves, this time in the form of cries for the law to be repealed or delayed.




From one day to the next, some went from empathizing with the poor souls stuck in chained hell to completely forgetting their suffering. And I have only one question for them: What is wrong with you? The same law specifically hammers in that no dog is to be left to roam. You cannot blame the law for this. It's peoiple you should be blaming. People. People People. Selfish people. Cruel people, People who think they can hold the law under ransom. Well they can't. They shouldn't be allowed to, so stop dancing to their tune. New laws need to be implemented to get us where we want to be, and if we keep delaying stuff because of the few troglodites who would have us back in the stone age by in a heartbeat, we will never get there.


In 2014, the mandatory microchipping came into force for dogs. Owners had a year before that to become compliant yet as soon at the law became enforceable in April 2014 we started seeing dogs on the street double, triple, and on some days even ten times as many reports at the MSPCA. Why? Becasue some people didn't want to pay 10 or 20 euros, and didn't want to be legally tied to a dog and all sorts of excuses. Excuses because the bottom line is that they all didn't want to obey the law.


So, stop blaming the law and start blaming those who break it. And on that note, those who break it should pay. It is unacceptable that people are still seldom fined for not chipping their dogs or allowing them to stray. If the old laws have still not been enforced properly, maybe it's time to employ some new people in law enforcement to enforce the Animal Welfare Act in full without fear or favor. Please! No more mediocrity.

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