Maybe we should have tried building a fuel station

October 14, 2018

This will be a short rant but a rant nonetheless.


The MSPCA has for as long as I can remember been looking for a patch of land where we could build a new rehoming center where we would be able to distance the cats from their natural predators (dogs), provide open spaces for better exercise for the dogs, better layout to improve disease control and so many more great things that cannot be done in a hole in the wall, or bastions. Another thing you cannot do in a hole in the wall is keep many animals and still provide them with a life worth living.


Year and more years pass, government promises thrown all over the place like they are cheap candy. Yet not a single square meter has materialized where we could invest in a better future for our animals. I’m just saying, it would be easier if we were trying to build a fuel station. Where is the compassion people?!




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