Every Second Counts

April 6, 2018

So now that our followers have had a couple of months to get acquainted with our new website (if you haven’t I suggest visiting here and here and here) you’ve probably seen it floating about: Every Second Counts. You’ve probably got most of the meaning of it but here’s how it came about.



First of all, it was Gerald Strickland our COO, who came up with the phrase as our new motto. Our management and staff liked it. In our different departments, we look at the word 'second' as in the measure of time or 'second' as in used or unwanted. The phrase seems to fit like a glove so we rolled with it.




Here are some ways we count every second:




Every second hand item sold at our charity shops raises funds for our rehoming centre, neutering campaign and education project. Here every second really counts!


Every second hand item donated to MSPCA is upcycled or recycled avoiding landfill and thus helping the environment.


Every second you wait to neuter your dog is more time for them to have unplanned/unwanted litters.


Every second a dog or a cat is not adopted, another (second) animal has to wait to come to us for adoption.


Every second you delay your pets’ health check/vaccine is another opportunity for disease to spread.


Every second (or third or fourth) home for a pet is better than living in a substandard situation.


Every second is an opportunity to help, protect and care for an animal through the MSPCA.


Every second is part of a minute, that’s part of an hour, that part of a day, week, month…lifetime, which is how long we would like animals to stay with their families.



If you can think of another way to make every second count please comment below and we might even include it with this list. Meanwhile here are some lovely new shots of our charity shops in Sliema and Naxxar with the new signs looking very smart and professional but still with the same animal-loving heart and friendly environment.






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