David Wise - Vegan Athlete Running for Animals

January 25, 2018

Dave Wise is participating in the Malta Marathon on Sunday, March 4th.


Dave has a history of long distance and ultra distance top finishes and will be running to promote our cause, as well as collecting funds locally and through his own network, on behalf of the MSPCA. Dave is the International editor of the magazine Trek and Run - he will be using this platform to report on his Malta Marathon, as well as promote the MSPCA.


"Like many of us I ran at school, but stopped during my late teens and didn’t take part in a race of any sort until 20 years later, as I neared 40. That was just over 10 years ago; since then I’ve had a lot of fun racing and have enjoyed a moderate amount of success, winning the Canadian Men’s 24 hour Running Championship Race in both 2016 and 2017, a 10k race in Athens, Greece, and ranking highly in various races in my home country of England."


"Late in 2017 my father passed away and whilst looking through his one photo album I came across postcards of Malta that he’d gathered when he was visiting the island whilst in the RAF in the 1950’s. I remembered him speaking fondly of Malta, he had enjoyed his stay a lot. One of the things I wanted to do in 2018 was to honour his memory in some way, another thing I wanted to do was run a fast marathon. So it seemed right that I take part in the Malta Marathon, which is known as a fast race, and also to try to use the run to give back to the island that my father thought so highly of. So I’m trying to raise funds for MSPCA Malta, a charity that I think he would have supported himself, as he and my mother were great animal lovers (Mum still is!)."


On the subject of being a vegan athlete David had this to say:


"If I said I cared about animals - and I did say that - then perhaps I shouldn’t eat them? I’d also started to see news articles about what the big corporations actually put into the food that I enjoyed. How could I really eat sausages, kebabs and burgers again after learning all that?"


Please support David Wise in his efforts to run the Malta Marathon and help the MSPCA by donating through our paypal account here.








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