MSPCA Neutering Scheme

Supported by Dogs Trust

Thanks to our partners, Dogs Trust we have been able to continue the work done by Dogs Trust Malta to reduce the number of unwanted puppies in Malta and Gozo up till the end of 2018.

Due to the limited nature of remaining funds the MSPCA continues to run this scheme only in Gozo where people on benefits, hunters, farmers and people keeping dogs at  their workshop can neuter all their dogs for free. Dogs that aren't microchipped will also be chipped and registered at no additional cost. The neutering scheme is Gozo is funded by Dogs Trust Worldwide, The Ministry for Gozo and the Gozo SPCA.

Neutering irreversibly prevents unwanted litters, but this is not the only benefit to you and your pet.

Contact your local vet to see if they are operating the scheme or our Outreach Manager on 77711100 for more info oo the Gozo Animal Welfare on 79691717 if you need help with transport for neutering. 


Health Benefits

Intact females can suffer from a life threatening infection of the uterus, which often goes undetected until it becomes an emergency.  Neutering prevents this and can also help prevent cancers of the testicles, mammary glands, uterus and ovaries*.
Although some old wives tales still going around say that mating makes a bitch healthier, there is no evidence to confirm that. There is however evidence that pets neutered early live some 2 years longer than others.

Good for Animal Welfare

As much as we love puppies, our work paints a very sobering picture of how  unplanned puppies can easily end up in the wrong hands. Finding the right home for each of your puppies will take lots of work in vetting potential adopters and buyers. Additionally if you plan to sell, you may not be aware that you need to have a pet shop license which involves planning permissions and trading licenses too.
If you are a breeder consider checking how many individuals of your breed are already unwanted before mating your pair. If you show your dogs but don't plan to breed, check with your vet on other options to prevent unplanned mating.

Behavioural Benefits

Intact pets still have sex related hormones circulating in their blood which drive them to want to look for a mate. This may cause them to escape or become competitive with other pets at times. A common occurrence in females that are still intact is false pregnancies. Furthermore the frustration of their drive not being fulfilled may also cause some animals to become frustrated. Neutering can help alleviate and prevent such behavioural and emotional problems because it eliminates sex related hormones from the animal**.

*If ovaries are also removed as part of the procedure.
**We advise getting professional advice from a suitably qualified behaviourist before deciding to neuter your pet for behavioural reasons.

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