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  • Over 120 animals rehomed, more than 400 dogs neutered and microchipped just last year.

  • Our outreach education  program aims to prevent many other animals from being abandoned.

  • A new centre would ensure better living conditions for our animals as well as greater accessibility to adopters

Could you help us?


The costs involved in looking after animals are well known to people who own a pet. Besides the ongoing expenses related to feeding and sheltering several animals, most animals that enter MSPCA need immediate immunisation, neutering and parasite treatment which drive the costs up further. As our aim is to rehome as many animals as possible, MSPCA needs your help to ensure the funds are there to carry on match-making animals to adopters.

Although we do our best with the premises in Floriana, the site was planned and built in the early 1900s when planning and building standards were different, animal shelter planning and regualtions were a thing of the future and the site is less than ideal for its purpose. For this reason MSPCA is actively seeking new premises to move to, that will give animals housed within it a better quality of life, whether they stay with us for weeks, months or years.

MSPCA runs a continuous school education program as well as public education campaigns on relevant issues, in order to promote responsible ownership, animal welfare and law enforcement.

All this costs money and your contribution will help MSPCA continue in its mission towards a day when no animal is destroyed unnecessarily.



MSPCA tries to maintain a high level of consistency in the way it looks after its animals to avoid unnecessary ailments. We do this by feeding a consistent and quality diet and regulating the type of treats we use. Because of this, we have not had seek veterinary attention or use dietary correction for diarrhoea in over 12 months.


For this reason we can only accept donations in kind from our wishlist or preferably money donations or vouchers so we can choose which items to buy.

Please also note that supporting us financially to buy animal food adds 50% more value to the donation than by donating food directly as we are buying at near trade price. If you buy tins form a shop, around 40% of your donation is actually going to the shop.

MSPCA also regularly needs cleaning and admin items which you can also see in our wishlist.


Send a donation via SMS - 5061 7599 - €2.10

                                              5061 8199 - €4.19

                                              5061 8999 -€6.29

                                              5061 9299 -€10.49

Cheques should be written out to "MPSCA" and sent to:

  MSPCA Rehoming Center,

  Triq Emvin Cremona (gia St Francis Ravelin),

  Floriana - FRN1281.


Every Second Counts


Have a look at our fund raising guide for more ideas on how to help!


Bank Transfers

You may wish to transfer funds directly from your bank accounts to ours: Beneficiary name: MSPCA

Bank: Bank Of Valetta

IBAN: MT97VALL220130000000400204 63713

Account#: 400204 63713


Kindly note: We are not in a position to acknowledge your donation this way or send receipts as the banks cannot disclose your personal information for us to do so. If you are sending funds to renew your sponsorship or subscription we suggest you send an email to with details.


You may donate through paypal though our website using one of the many options available to subscribe for a yearly sponsorship, or sponsor an item for the animals - or the animals themselves.

Suggested links:

Sponsoring –

Donating –

Note: If you do not wish to use Paypal you can still checkout as a guest using your credit card details. This will be received into our paypal account. Regretfully our Paypal account is has not been verified by PayPal to be a charity as this is not offered to users in Malta. Our PayPal account is linked to the following account: 40021952401 with BOV as the "MSPCA reserve account". This account is subject to the same scrutiny, accounting and auditing as our other accounts an Paypal donations move from here into our main account frequently . We are giving this information freely for transparency as we have been made aware that some other animal NGO paypal accounts have been linked to personal bank accounts of their personnel. 


Checks can be sent to our rehoming centre address and will be acknowledged with a letter and receipt if you provide your physical address. Kindly indicate whether you are sending a donation or payment for a subscription.

Help Dave Wise run the Gozo Marathon and Collect funds for the MSPCA

Dave Wise will again be running for Animals on Sunday 28th April in aid of MSPCA. Visit our #DontEatCruelty campaign page for more info on David, his connection to Malta and the MSPCA, but don't forget to donate in the form below.

"There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known."

-- Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994

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