If you have found a dog or cat

Please note that we are limited on how many new animals we can hold on site by the amount of quarantine / arrival space available. This is especially so in the case of stray animals who we know nothing about.


Because we have a legal and moral obligation to care for animals at the MSPCA correctly, we only take in animals by prior arrangement and only when we have space and capacity to care for them correctly and without the risk of diseases spreading. This does mean we are not "packed to capacity", but also that our animals are adopted more quickly and we very rarely have disease outbreaks even though we bring many sick animals into our care.

Please have a look at the boxes on the right hand side for information:

                     If the dog or cat is sick or injured,                      stuck / trapped, or too young to                        eat on their own and without their                      mother (remember mum cats may                        leave kittens for up to 8 hours)                            then call the animal ambulance on                      1717 or 7932 1717

If you find a dog:


If the dog has a collar and tag, you can                                                    contact the owner or call 1717 or 7932                                                 1717 for Animal Welfare and ask them to                                               return the dog to the owner. 

If the dog has no tag, you should call 1717 to get it scanned for a microchip (or ask a vet to scan it if they are open)

You must, by law, report a found dog to the police. 

If the dog has no chip and no tag, you can either keep the dog, rehome it, or take it to a sanctuary. Sanctuaries are permitted to take in the dog, but legally have no obligation to do so. The owner has the right to claim their dog back for 7 days.

If you find a cat:  one of the easiest things                                you can do if the cat is friendly, is to fit it with a                                       temporary collar from thick paper or thin card, held in a                            loop-shape with sticky tape or a staple. On the paper                                write "is this your cat?" and your phone number. This way, you can avoid kidnapping a pet cat or cared-for stray that belongs to someone.

If you cannot locate an owner, try checking social media (including RUBS Puppy Love on Facebook) and if you have no joy, call us. We will always try and take stray cats in as quickly as possible - in the case of friendly cats who are easily handled and probably lost, this poses very few problems for us.


The MSPCA is an NGO which works on the basis of evidence, and understanding of the mental welfare of animals and of best practice. For this reason we do not admit feral cats or feral kittens over 8 weeks old ionto our carer. PLease see THIS page for more ionfrmation. 

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