Dog Care & Behaviour.

Most of the resources on this page are in fact links to external content. We only link to content from verified and established sources from the charity sector and non-commercially driven (although there may be some charity / NGO content which has been sponsored). Please be aware that in both Malta and overseas, there are many self-styled experts with no initial or ongoing training, especially on social media. Please be careful about any advice or information, either online or in person!.

Videos - click the pic:

Dog training made easy: 14 videos on the basics of dog training.

Fleas and worms in dogs.

Trimming nails

Keeping ears clean

Dealing with diarrhoea

Dogs Trust Malta videos (Malti)          Dog vaccinations (note, this is by

                                                               Purina, a pet food manufacturer)

Why it's wrong to breed dogs with short noses.


MSPCA Written Downloads

(Content in Maltese & English)