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After many years in a new home, Timmy was returned to the MSPCA by his owner,

He is not coping with life in a rescue centre.

He needs to be on a urinary diet (Royal Canin S/O) which is marginally more expensive than tinned food (but less wasteful as he eats the dry version) as normal foods can give him urinary stones or a blocked bladder.

Please offer him a new home asap as he is a lovely cat who is not doing well in a shelter.

Kittens (after 28th August)


The MSPCA often takes in younger feral kittens and often the sicker ones which some other rescues turn away.

At present we have a litter of kittens in which arrived with cat flu and these are undergoing treatment for the next few weeks.

They will not be able to be viewed until the 28th August at the earliest. It will not be possible to see them before then.

Please call us again after that date. They will be adopted as pairs and must not go to homes with existing cats unless the existing cat is up-to-date with vaccinations for cat flu and including chlamydophila felis.


Minouette (Minnie)


A very gentle sweet young lady who appeared suddenly on the streets near her finder’s home. She will be a perfect addition to any house except those which are very busy. She responds well to singing, her tastes are very eclectic and anything from Singing in the Rain to stuff by Fleetwood Mac will get a response.


(video below)

At present, the personality she demonstrates means that we would prefer to home her away from other cats or from dogs. We believe she is around 3-5 years old.

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Mixu (Mishu)


….around 1-2 years old, neutered male, very scared but won’t hurt anyone, and a quiet indoor or even better, outdoor home needed. Mixu was transferred to the MSPCA from another NGO who were overloaded – he originally was a street cat and unfortunately was not able to be returned in time to where he was living, so he now needs a very special home quickly as he does not enjoy proximity to humans


Jinx – Adopted

Jinx is a talkative and highly opinionated lady. She is on the tail end of treatment for her skin, which means she will not be ready to go home until mid June 2017 at the earliest (and only after clearance by the vet). Please get in touch for more information and to discuss her condition with our staff.